August 2020 Yoga Calendar - INQUIRE

Here is your Yoga With Adriene Free monthly Yoga calendar! No gimmicks, no catch. This is an offering to help you get on the mat regularly to cultivate balance and wellbeing. If you are intuiting that you might benefit from a regular and sustainable at home yoga practice - look no further. 

If this is your first time joining us, welcome! 

Each month, we come together as a community around a theme that inspires questions and guides intention for your practice both on and off the mat. 

The practices selected support your exploration of the theme, whether you are taking on the whole month or dropping in for a single whenever you like. 

The practices on the calendar are free and are all available on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel. When we include membership practices on the calendar, they are noted as FWFG practices and we also include alternate free YouTube practices on those days for those who are not members. 

This month’s free offering is an invitation to INQUIRE.

August is typically back to school time for many. And even if you are not going back to school, you can usually feel a shift in the air. Back to school shopping, school supplies, yellow #2 pencils. It’s often a time of moving on to the next step- moving up a grade, moving on to college. The energy starts shifting from summer into autumn and with that can come a renewed focus. 
This August, some of those same typical activities are taking place, but in a new and different way. We’re adapting to new ways of school, college, and this in-flux new world we find ourselves in. It can be easy to fall into comparing what is true for us now to the way things used to be. But with new routines can come an opportunity to open up to new ways of looking at things and new ways of doing things. It can be a chance to get curious and to look at things with fresh eyes. Create new rituals. 

The same is true of our yoga practice. We might find ourselves trying to get everything just right in the poses and with the breath, but it’s not about getting it right, it’s about exploring.

Yoga is a practice of self-study.

And it’s ever-changing and ongoing. 

Approaching our practice with a curious and open mind helps us to take that same mindset off the mat and into the world too. And what an important thing to take out into the world - that openness and inquiry. This helps us be open to seeing life through the eyes of each other and to put ourselves in each others’ shoes. It helps us treat each other with kindness and compassion. 
So let’s INQUIRE this month. Take time for self study each day. Let’s explore our practice with fresh eyes and the mind of a beginner so we can peel back another layer and see what else there is to discover. 

On August 23-29 you are invited to RISE with us. RISE is an invitation to a fresh morning ritual. A loving motivation. It is a project of mindfulness and a labor of love. This 7-day morning yoga series is on the FWFG App and on It is also available as a digital downloadable course for those who have limited internet or who want to purchase it to keep forever. You can find that downloadable collection here.

If you are not a member, we have a week of morning yoga set up for you too. On the calendar, you will see free morning yoga videos from the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel listed for Aug. 23-29 above the RISE videos. If you want to try RISE, you can sign up for the 7-day free trial to try it. If not, the YWA YouTube channel is there to support your practice too. 

Invite someone to join you! Drop in throughout the month or join us for the whole month.
Share your experiences with the Kula and the community with # ywaINQUIRE.

Be sure to subscribe to the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel, if you haven’t already! This is the #1 way to support the YWA free calendar and the new free YouTube videos.

Connect with @adrienelouise and @fwfglife on IG.

Here’s what else you need to know:

57 comments on “August 2020 Yoga Calendar - INQUIRE”

  1. Dearest Adriene,

    Thank you so much for your Sunday emails and the new calendar. I have benefitted from your generous offer more or less daily since March. It has been an indispensable replacement for yoga classes since the corona virus led to closing down here in Norway.
    Your positive energy really contributes to feeling good, and I will continue to practice from future calendars, even though returning to classes once the situation returns to normal.

  2. Thank you so much! Right now Im so lost and I happen to see this on FB and it gave me some hope! I plan to follow this to guide me to get my bearings back. Im so grateful and I sincerely pray that I have the tenacity to follow through!

    1. Hello Su
      Just "show on the matt"
      Just do it and
      I can promise you the practise with Adriene will help you. I personaly have experience it. Something warm and "whole" started to grow inside me. Like something filled my " empty solar plexus" that hole at the mouth of my stomach. With the practise the angst and fear and sadness started to disapear. The frustration, the rage aswell. Instead I started to notice myself more centered calm happy and with the capacity to communicate needs without emotional turmoil .At work, at home, with my partner with myself.
      Adriene makes it easy and good fun to follow the " journey" .And whilst she shows the technique she accompanies the practise with verbal messages that stick with you. For me it was " I choose" . Every day in my day I can choose. To be lazy or to show on the mat. To be self righteous or gentle to myself. To be patient with my capacity to follow the class. To get angry at someone's tone or attitude or to keep calm and be empathic.
      So on and so much.
      She is wonderful Adriene and eventhough she manages to make it easy and good fun she is really doing a very serious job. And really really helps.
      Do choose to show on the mat . It is up to you.
      With love from Asturias Spain.

      1. I agree. Adriene has kept me calm throughout this whole situation. I did the 30 days in January, then another 30, then regular almost every day yoga since. It has been wonderful having her inspiring, energising, positive self in my life. I cannot praise her generosity enough. Life changing! Just roll the mat out and step on. Don't stop to think. I feed my cats, roll out the mat and start.

  3. Thank you Adriene for this! You have provided me with the anchor that I needed for the past couple of months. And you are a breath of fresh air.

  4. Fabulous. New subscriber a d sm really pleased I have done this.

    You are saving my ass to steal your words. I have been reading The Prophet and trying to be a better human being and part of this shift is down to you. Thankyou

  5. Thank you, Adriene, for your delicious offerings—I’ve been feeling so much better in body, heart, mind, and spirit since I began practicing YWA in April. Welcome to Maryland! I’m ready to hop in my car and drive North to practice my daily YWA where it’s cooler.

  6. what a lovely month you have planned for us! thank you. I prefer the more mindful, meditative practices, slow and meaningful. this month has a lovely mix of that in it and more with the energetic flows to push all of us that bit further. Namaste

  7. For the first time in my life, I am sticking to a yoga practice thanks to you, Adriene! In the past I would dabble but usually choose an active workout. I need yoga! This I now know. You, Adriene, are helping me to navigate this pandemic , lonely time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. I adore you and your selfless offerings of free yoga to the world and thank you!! I’m curious to know what you get with FWFG membership beyond what I can already access on YouTube?? Thank you for all you do and for keeping it fun!!

  9. From up north in VT- thank you so much! I always look forward to the new calendars!! My daughter(3) and I love so much doing( some lol) practices together and centering our minds and bodies ❤️

  10. Adrienne - your yoga practices have significantly improved my disc issues in my lower back. Thank you so very much for your dedication and your wonderful teaching style.

  11. Inquiring minds are alert minds! Thanks for everything...looking forward to being a fruitful Inquirer!

  12. Thank you for making Yoga a Life Changing addition to my life. I am so grateful for you and your amazing team and of course Benji!!! Namaste.

  13. Adriene- I’m so grateful for you, and all do. I lost my sweet, thoughtful and beautiful 17 yr old daughter, in a car accident, in February. I get through my days just one minute at a time. I’m having to learn how to tap into an energy from a different realm. I’m learning/practicing meditation and how our bodies, mind and hearts are one vessel. I’m trying self care and compassion for myself, for the first time. You have been an inspiration with your words, meditations and yoga classes. I appreciate you.

    1. We are so sorry that you lost your daughter, Rebecca. Our hearts truly go out to you. Keep caring for yourself as you have been. Sending love from all of us here at YWA.

  14. Thank you Adriene for helping me find Myself and learn to love me. I’m so very grateful.

  15. Love you Adriene and all that you do for the world, thank you for helping us maintain balance, kindness and peace during these uncertain times

    Namaste ❤️

  16. Welcome to Maryland! So excited you are here! You are so inspiring! Thank you for doing all that you do. Please let me know if I can help you in any way while you are in Maryland.

  17. Thank you so much Adriene! I look forward to getting on my mat everyday! Peace and blessings! Namaste!

  18. Oh my goodness Adriene. Thank you. I am a teacher and heading into this next school year has me in knots. Incredibly, my first official day back is August 17th, and I see on your calendar that day is set up as "Yoga for Teachers". I can't tell you have often your words and your timing have lined up in serendipitous ways. Namaste.

  19. I'm excited for this month! Thank you for supporting us through these times Adrienne. These videos really help me practice self care.

  20. Thank you Adrienne. I have fallen in love with your practices and especially Benji.
    I it has taken me through this long haul.

  21. I had been searching online for a yoga class that was close to what I had been doing at our YMCA. Adrienne, when I found your classes I was so happy to have found exactly what I was looking for. You made the transition from gym to home yoga so easy that I may never go back. Your demeanor, ability and kindness is a gift to us all! Thank you, Jul

  22. Thank you Adriene & the FWFG team for all that you do! This is truly a life changing community and I am so blessed and grateful to be on this journey with all of you!

  23. Hello Adriene,
    thank you so much for admitting me to your yoga club,or better to say to your love club.
    when i received your first weekly letter, i realized how beautifully and intelligently and ultimately carefully,delicately you teach people the philosophy of yoga with sentences full of sweetness,love,affection,and deep understanding .
    in fact it is philosophy of yoga that gives life and depth to the practice and certainly each alone can not be effective and it does not create a real union between the body,soul and mind.
    and the contents of your letter shows that you are not only different in yoga training but also in teaching philosophy of yoga.

  24. My Dearest Adriene,
    Thank you from the center of my heart. I hope you feel the love that is returned to you every day from so many. This practice has been transformative for me, although I have a strong body I am trying very hard to focus on my breath. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found you and your gift for teaching. Here’s to lifelong learning and a new challenge every day.

  25. Thank you, Adriene. I have done 30 Days of Yoga, then Home and another one? and now I'm doing Revolution. It is helping me in so many ways, helping eliminate back pain, helping with neck pain, making me flexible (I am no spring chicken), keeping me calm, making me feel connected and there is hope for the world. I never thought I could do 30 days of yoga, especially not at home. Some poses I cannot do, but I try and many times I find that the next time they come around, I suddenly CAN do them.
    Thank you for being a light. I appreciate what you do so much. It has changed my world. My friends are starting to do it because my posture is so much better. Much love.

  26. Back on track. January - July 2020. Home, True, Revolution, Dedicate! Now starting Yoga Camp again. Maybe I don't look like yogi and still cannot perform a crow or a head stand (and maybe I never will, and that's perfectly OK), but I feel much stronger and much more flexible. Yoga with Adriene helped me to balance my hormones and, consequently, to get pregnant and give birth to my precious girl. Thank you, Adriene, from the bottom of my heart. Greetings from Serbia.

  27. It´s my first time doing Yoga more than once. I need to admit that I have always feel ashamed taking classes without experience but when I saw your videos, I felt a real connection and meaning of yoga to my mind and body. Thank you for all you are doing to me 🙂

  28. Thank you Adriene. I have been practicing with you every weekday since April and enjoy it! Helps me getting happy and strong for the things I want to do. Greating from Lone, 63years, Denmark

  29. It has been a very challenging few months dealing with finding the courage to leave a toxic work environment. When I received your message tonight your words gave me a warmth that I hadn't felt in a while. Thank you for being you. I am safe.
    Returning to gentle practises..

  30. My first yoga class was taught by an older woman when I was about 15. I’ve watched Lilias, Yoga and You, done my own ‘greetings to the sun’, taken yoga in other states over the past 55 years and yours is one of the best programs my now grown daughters and I have found. Thank you and namaste

  31. Thank you so much, Adrienne. I used to wake up every morning with a lack of motivation and low energy. I started a new morning routine with your practices and I feel so much better. Fresh, positive, motivated, energized, relaxed, feeling good!

  32. I've been doing yoga everyday for few months and really need positive thoughts today as I crashed into someone yesterday no injuries thank god and got a speeding ticket last weekend first time in over 20 years for both. So any spare positive energy please send in to me in Ireland sláinte.

    1. To Creona O Connor,
      Sometimes has a way of getting our attention in strange ways. Thank goodness nobody was hurt. And yes, yoga for me has been a lifeline with many benefits for my body and soul.
      Yoga with Adriene has been a special treat.
      Take care. ❤

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