February 2021 Yoga Calendar - BRIDGE

Scroll down for your free calendar and playlist for the month.

Here is your Yoga With Adriene Free monthly Yoga calendar! No gimmicks, no catch. 

This is an offering to help you get on the mat regularly to cultivate balance, to guide you toward inner peace, and equip you with energy to serve. If you are intuiting that you might benefit from a regular and sustainable at home yoga practice - look no further. 

If this is your first time joining us, welcome! 

Each month, we come together as a community around a theme that inspires questions and guides intention for your practice both on and off the mat. 

The practices selected support your exploration of the theme, whether you are taking on the whole month or dropping in for a single whenever you like. 

The practices on the calendar are free and are all available on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel. To make things easy, we have created a monthly playlist for you to follow! 

You will also see some optional Find What Feels Good App practices on the calendar, they are noted as FWFG practices. We include alternate free YouTube practices on those days for those who are not members. Everyone wins, yoga for all. 

This month’s free offering is an invitation to center your practice around the theme of BRIDGE. 

If you are fresh off your BREATH 30 Day Yoga Journey, this month’s calendar and theme offers a bridge from your BREATH journey to a regular at-home yoga practice. 

Whether you are looking to keep up with a consistent practice or returning to the mat after a break, may this calendar serve you in continuing your journey and support your commitment to a regular practice. 

A regular yoga practice is a powerful tool for life. It becomes even more beneficial during irregular times because it can help us ground, come back to the present, process through things, let go, and carry on. 

This month’s new practice is called Yoga for Uncertainty. This is a grounding session that provides us with the tools to better acknowledge our feelings, regulate the nervous system, and learn when to let go. Read: the perfect practice to ground with when things feel wobbly. 

In addition to supporting you in continuous and consistent practice at home, this month's theme invites you to contemplate on the power of embodying what it means to be the bridge in our thoughts, words, and actions. 

I invite you to consider this month- How can I practice yoga off the mat? How can I serve others in the world around me? 

I extend an invitation to you to not only keep up with your practice but to keep finding the ways in which this practice can support the way you show up for others, and the world.

Here we have the tools to do the work.

Don’t forget to do the work.

Whether that is in the form of helping a neighbor, showing compassion to your household, or taking care of a stranger in need.

Or whether that is in the form of staying involved in what is going on outside your household, standing up for what feels right, going all in for a cause that is meaningful to you, engaging in hard conversations with kindness, and bravely looking at the ways in which you can stand up and respond to systemic injustice. 

Be the bridge. 

Invite someone to join you! This calendar is designed to work with your schedule. Drop-in throughout the month or join us with daily practice for the whole month.

Share your experiences and connect with the community by using the hashtag #ywaBRIDGE.

Be sure to subscribe to the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel, if you haven’t already! This is the #1 way to support the YWA free calendar and the new free YouTube videos.

Connect with @adrienelouise and @fwfglife on Instagram.

Here’s what else you need to know:

  • Here is your free playlist on the YouTube channel that you can follow each day for the whole month. The new practice on Feb. 7th will be added to the playlist when it is released to the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel on that date. 
  • Here is your playlist for the month on the FWFG membership. The new practice will be added when it is released. 
  • Follow along with the calendar every day or drop in throughout the month. Find what feels good and keep practicing!
  • The Find What Feels Good membership FWFG app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store for mobile devices. The app is also available for your television with Apple TV, Roku, and FireTV. Or you can access it on the web at www.FWFG.com.
  • You can download a free, clickable PDF of the calendar here.

248 comments on “February 2021 Yoga Calendar - BRIDGE”

    1. Hi, I want to know if I can do the breathe during February along with February as I didn't complete January

      1. Sure thing, Joy! Whatever fits your practice and your schedule best. The BREATH videos will remain available on the YWA YouTube channel after January. 🙂

      2. You can do the series whenever you want. I had to double up a few times when I missed a day or two. Just go to the Day you want and watch. It's on her YouTube channel. Enjoy!

    2. I’m really looking forward to starting this new month in my yoga mat! See you tomorrow for this new journey in our self

    3. Hi I just finish breath 30 days yoga with Adrian today. Such a blast. I really want to continue this journey! So I will try 365 days!!

    4. Hi I just finish breath 30 days yoga with Adrian today. Such a blast. I really want to continue this journey! So I will try 365 days!! So if I want to do another ( other than calendar) what do you suggest??

      1. Adriene has released a 30day programme every January for the last few years - they're all saved and accessible on YouTube so check her channel and try one of those next - me and some running buddies did them 'virtually' together (as we couldn't run together in real life), one per month, from July - Novermber last year and it was great.

        We did:
        Yoga Camp

        Dedicate was probably my favourite, so I'd start there 🙂

    5. I Just want to thank you for this beautiful practice. I loved BREATH and have been a fan of u for years ❤ I do miss hearing your creaky floor but love your new studio and as always seeing Benji . Looking forward to Bridge. Namaste

      I followed along each day through the emails. Now with BRIDGE, I’m having trouble finding the videos that go along with the calendar. How can I best access the daily practice each day in BRIDGE?
      Thank you!❤️

      1. Hi Jayne, you can download the PDF of the calendar above. It has links to each video embedded in each day on the calendar. Or you can bookmark the playlist on the YouTube channel and return to that each day. The playlist is also in the article above.

    7. Adriene
      how about a March Calendar. We can’t live without you !
      Thank you for the most wonderful daily sessions the past two months. With love xxx

  1. Having just completed the Breath 30 yoga journey with Adrien I am so grateful for this bridge. I have bee. Working from home with my 2 teens and husband. There is so much sadness and fright around. The same as with us all. But this has helped me to keep grou ded in calm and be present for my family. Thank you so very much.

  2. I would like to subscribe to a daily practice with sessions that are a bit more lengthy (30’+). Is there a program available? In the meantime, thank you for the 30 day program, it provided me with a necessary quiet, reflective space that was so needed at this time❤️

      1. How do I do the 30 day free challenge while also doing the paid app. I just don’t understand the sequence. Both daily, one after another, what ever one I want to do? I can’t seem to find the answer to this

        1. Hi Kara, the monthly calendar is also on the FWFG App. The FWFG version of the calendar on the FWFG App includes the FWFG practices listed on the calendar. For example, on Feb. 14-16 the Befriend Series is listed on the calendar. Those who are not members have alternative practices listed on those days and on the YouTube playlist, but for FWFG members, the Befriend practices are on the playlist. The FWFG version of the calendar and playlist that you'll find on the FWFG App will have a combination of YWA classes and FWFG classes whereas the YouTube/YWA version of the calendar and playlist will only have YWA classes from the YouTube channel.

          You can find the classes for the monthly calendar under the "Yoga Calendars" category for the whole month and weekly under the "This Week's Classes" category on the app.

    1. I will like to continue aking in Februarys calender a Even though not quite finnished Breath- january
      Oslo, Norway

    2. I can not send enough heart felt gratitude to you, Adrienne and Benji. Breath has been transformative to me. I feel connected in body, mind, and spirit. What a gift you share to make us laugh, love, and cry during our yoga. I LOVED your love song serenade to Benji. You had me cracking up. Keep shining bright beautiful soul. Nameste. ❤️

    1. How do I get the feb daily practices sent to me? The BREaTHE series has been great

  3. Hi Adriene,
    I just wanted to say thanks for doing the Breathe video set. I'm 13 and autistic, and have found these yoga videos extremely helpful for when I can do them. I would love it if you would consider doing a set directed at Autism, and if you had any questions I would be happy to answer them.

    Most importantly, thank you so much for giving me some time for me through the videos

  4. Thank you a lot. For every single breath and every single letter. You are awsome!!

  5. Thank you Adriene! It's great having the yoga for each day, and these fit into my daily practice showing what we're doing each day.
    Love it! Thank you and have a lovely day and have a great yoga month all ❤

  6. Hi Adrienne
    I am 71 and live in the Highlands of Scotland.
    I am just about to complete the 30 days of Breath which I’ve been doing daily with my daughter in Brussels (haven’t seen her or my grandchildren for 13 months!). When she can fit it in to her work schedule, we’ve caught up for a virtual cup of tea after yoga.
    It’s helped us feel very connected, and we’ve both felt good about our daily yoga.
    We are planning to continue in February.
    Thank you!
    PS Some tips about what over seventies shouldn’t attempt would be helpful. I’ve been making my own judgements. The only thing I won’t even attempt is the Crow!

    1. Hi Jane, I am turning 76 this year and I was able to do the 30 days....minus the crow although I think it is possible one day.. I found yoga from a book when I was 25 and have kept up off and on the mat for all these years. There have been long periods where I did not practice and found a magnetic pull to keep returning.
      I find myself listening to my body more and modifying postures as needed. The Breath
      focus has been extraordinary as I can feel it renew stiff areas of my body and find new flexibility.
      I live in Central New York... and my children and grandson live in Amsterdam, Netherlands . I miss them and it has been 13 months since a visit . I am grateful for What 's App. I thought I would send an encouraging word from an elder yogi like yourself.
      I love Scotland.... after 2 visits and 8 years apart and hope to return for a longer visit some day. I will be following the February calendar. Wishing you all the best. Namaste

      1. Hi Jane and Anne
        I am 75 and am in Calgary, Alberta. I too have been making some adjustments to the series but doing "Breath" daily has been wonderful. I miss my weekly Pilates classes but I do walk daily outdoors for about 1 or 1 1/2 hours. My nephews wife in Ontario introduced me to your program and I loved it and Bengi too. Before proceeding to the February sessions I am planning to go back and redo some of my favourite Breath episodes. I bought a 58 " Smart TV and so now follow on Youtube. Works so well! In cold weather, like today, I will do indoor walking or tackle the treadmill in my home gym.
        Thank you for helping us that are alone during this pandemic to have something to look forward to each day! Our outlook on life can remain very positive thanks to programs like yours!

    2. WOW @Jane and @Anne you are both such an inspiration to me. I am turning 50 this year and I have been doing yoga since the early forties, and online with Adriene for 3 years now. I look up to both of you as Self-Love Warriors. Much love xxx

    3. Hi Jane. Good to read your message. I'm living in Central England and also have a daughter in Belgium, just outside Antwerp. My grandson is 19 months and I can't wait to see them again. She does yoga too but we couldn't find a time to do it together. I loved BREATH and I can do Crow but not very stylishly! I'll be 65 soon and have been doing yoga for many years but not as regularly as I do now - retired! Hoping to visit Scotland again soon, a beautiful part of the world. Keep well.

    4. This is wonderful! Even the virtual cup of tea.

      As for recommendations: I’m not over 70 myself, but have seen so many elderly people that I think I can safely say people are so very different depending on their previous activities, physical and mental, that part of the process of learning is listening to yourself and your capacities- which also vary from one day to another.

  7. I just want to say thank you. You have no idea how valued you are.

    You are a true gift and I am very gatreful to you.

    My 12 year old daughter has joined me for Breath. What a fabulous introduction and life lesson enabled for a soul at the beginning of her journey too

  8. Thank you my dear lovely friend for having my back and help me continue this journey with ease, kindness and love of yours... i send you my deep love inside my heart

  9. Thank you Adriene, loved doing Breath in January and very much looking forward to Bridge

  10. Thank you so much for BREATH.
    I did your sessies every day and I am so happy to do the BRIDGE.
    Lots of love from Erica in the Netherlands

  11. Thank you for being so kind with your time and your lovely yoga practice .
    You are very appreciated.

  12. You are wonderful
    I like very much the way you make the class
    I feel Confortable
    I love Benjie
    Thank you Adrienne

  13. Thank you for this Adriene! I really appreciate it. My life is better than ever and it's mostly thanks to your help. You've been the "Bridge" for me, so thanks 🙂 !

    1. Benjie brings what’s important to the class. Just observing him sets my intention and goal. It is a pleasure and a draw to attend with you both. I’ve done your courses for almost a year and feel stronger, more balance and peace.
      Thank you,

  14. Thank you. I have been following you since the start of the pandemic when my regular classes stopped. Breath has been my first live 30 days programme and it has been a changing, enhancing experience and the transition to yoga becoming a life-affirming, supportive and essential part of my day and my life. Being in your company Adriene (and Benji's too of course) as well as being part of the wider community, has supported me through this difficult time, made me smile and feel loved, helped me care for myself and remain connected to the compassion I need to support others. You have also helped me improve my yoga practise no end, especially my connection with my breath, knowing what my body, mind and soul need and focussing on how poses feel rather than look. For all this I thank you from the bottom of my heart and send you my love and every good wish in return. Namaste.

  15. Love what you do!! I've discovered you at The end of december and I felt în love with your way. All the way from România, Europe!

  16. Darling Adriene, my wife of 47 years died just over 3 months ago. I miss her every day and I badly needed some help and a new structure in my life. I have found a good portion of what I needed in your yoga classes. Tomorrow I will do day 30 of your ‘breath’ series. It has been so good for me physically and spiritually. Thank you. I am an ongoing devotee. Phil (Australia)

    I discovered you via an article in the NY Times.

    1. I'm so sorry your wife died, Phil. I'm glad that you have been finding what you need with Adriene's classes. Well done on your BREATH journey! Thank you for being here. Lots of love from all of us.

    2. My sympathy to you Phil. I am glad you found Adriene and she has offered you some comfort. She has helped so many of us navigate these current difficult times.

    3. Dear Phil,
      My thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm so glad you found Adrienne. Carve out this special time for yourself each day. It will provide healing and comfort.

  17. Thank you so much for thinking of all of us newbies who took part in 30 days in Jan. Creating The bridge to take me forward to the next stage is brilliant. I was getting very worried about how to timetable and organise February!

  18. This is the second best gift that you could give to the the YWA community. Lots of love and gratitude

  19. Thank you for Breath, its been wonderful!
    I look forward to the next steps on my journey.

  20. Dear Adrienne,

    I am so thankful you offer these calendars and daily yoga practices. I haven’t been able to follow January’s one, but my intention is to make February my new year start for daily practice.

    Thank you so much for your warmth & humour ,

    Clare ♥️

  21. Thank you so much for Breath. It has really helped transform my sleep pattern and my mindset. I will certainly be joining the next 30 day practice. I'm not a seasoned yoga practitioner but I'm improving one downward dog at a time.

  22. Can I still do the Feb yoga although I have not finished the Jan (Breath) routine? (I am on Day 20 and intend to finish it by doing it every morning.)

  23. I absolutely loved the 30 day challenge this year. It was the perfect combination of meditation, reflection and stretching! Thank you so much for all the hard work you and your team have put into this program. I really appreciate everything you do for your yoga community. Thank you so much.
    Ps. Love to Benji!!!

  24. Thank you so much for helping us all to stay well and focused on the things that matter. In these times of separation and isolation you and Benji are our constant companions. Offering us affection, kindness and friendship across the miles and around the globe, that is our beautiful planet. Wishing you health and happiness.

  25. Yes , happy to hear of another YWA after the Breath , looking forward always for a new 30day w YWA .
    I LOVE YOU , Adriene ♥️♥️♥️

  26. I have loved January's Breath yoga practices so much.
    This year I am am carving out some peaceful, healing time for myself. Thank you Adriene for the daily yoga,it's kept me sane. Xxxxx

  27. Thank you a lot for that lovely january yoga breath experince ❤️ you also touch the heart of my boyfriend who did 3 of your sessions with me for the first time.

  28. Hi
    Thank you Adriene this is just what I need. I have managed to do everyday of Breathe and would like to continue on a Yoga journey so thank you for the calender.
    I just love my time on the mat everday. It is is an antidote to the demands of life. It is my special inner world where I keep sane and healthy. Combines very well with cycling and weights.
    Love to all.

  29. This is a awesome yoga practice. I enjoyed this practice the entire month of January and look forward to February's practice. Thank you so much..

  30. Thank you for this gift - Yoga has helped me to find the strength to forgive myself and be a petter person X Namaste

  31. Dear Adriene,
    Thank you again for another beautiful gift.
    You are the brightest lighthouse in this dark and uncertain times!
    Thank you for your wonderful classes, they make me feel happier, calmer and fitter.
    Also thank you for sharing your love and wisdom.
    I'm looking forward to making more daily yoga practice with you
    Love from Firenze, Italy
    Stefano, Emiliano & Logan ‍♂️‍♂️❤️

  32. Adrienne
    You total star . I’ve almost completed 30 day breath as a newbie to yoga . I start my day with it here in Devon Uk . Was wondering what to do next . As I’m in lockdown and have no work can’t spend money , so your generosity is really appreciated.
    Thank you

  33. I just wanted to say thank you Adriene

    l have really loved the 30 day Breath journey and back on day 18 l decided to make a commitment to myself to do 365 days of yoga this year.

    I don't usually stick to anything but l have completed these 30 days in real time and l will continue to do so.
    I love filling out the calendar, l find it really helps with my commitment and l listen to the playlist all the time.
    So thank you for everything you do and l look forward to spending the rest of the year and beyond with you and Benji‍♀️‍♀️

    1. How can i do february practice i hope you send me daily emails like before as it was very motivating and inspiring

      1. Hi Geeta, the monthly yoga calendars that run February through December don't have a daily email component like the 30 days of yoga series do. If you like the 30 days of yoga format with the daily emails, you might like to sign up for another one of the 30 days of yoga series. They are all free. You can learn more about them and sign up for the daily emails for those series here. If you decided to follow the February calendar instead, you can download the calendar above and bookmark the playlist for the month to return to each day. 🙂

  34. Thanks adriene for a great January you are a tonic appreciate it have been practicing with my daughter Rachel which has been lots of fun thanks for sharing your yoga practice with us all xx

  35. dear adriene
    dear benji
    dear yoga elves film elves colour elves light elves dancing elves what I meeeen is that I would like to dooooo for eveybody everyone’s each individual one✨✨✨ adriene is a rock star yogggieelf ✨ she has your back ✨really I meeeeen that ✨ just try following this bridge✨one day at a time✨on the MAAAAAT✨with the pet spider if he is helpful✨BUT pleeeeeas GET ON IT✨TRY IT✨if you think it too hard try day 5 in her RISE series ✨or if that fails I reckon a berrry mint cocktail followed by yoga for sleeeeep ✨ or add one shot of ✨yoga after a disaster ✨with raspberries ✨all my love dear dearest darling adriene ✨ I would never ever ever haaaave been able to this without your voice your smile your dog ✨ I U TOOOOOOxxxmstand in love with me today pleasexxxm✨✨✨❤️

  36. Finishing my last day of the January practice today and so happy to see that is a new one for February. Thank you Adrienne

  37. Hi! Oh! That's funny!! I'm currently practicing on the bridge, as in, on a ship! 🙂 (that's one of the only places where I can roll out my may and the only place where the ceiling is almost high enough for me to extend my arms and "reach the sky").
    Let's meet again soon on the mat, whether or not the conditions are perfect. 😉

  38. I like it. After the 30 days I like to hear your voice and do your exercises.
    So thank hou for the following up.
    The Netherlands

  39. Serving others is a great way to know more about the energy inside us... how inspiring we can be to others just with little things, spending a month to find more about this bridge and be so inspiring just as adriene is to me

  40. That’s so wonderful since I was already worried about how I’ll hop on the mat everyday after the breath journey. Thank you so much

  41. Thanks so much for 30 Days of Breath ‍♀️I loved it. I have a rheumatic condition so had to adapt on the days 28/29 and today 30 but used the breath and meditation more. I would have given up in the past

  42. Thank you Adriene for beautiful yoga 30 day journey from Jan. Can-t wait to see you @mat in Febr.
    Lots of love

  43. Thanking you for the awesome 30days of Yoga journey- 2021..

    God bless you abandantly and keep smiling.

  44. Thank you so much for your classes. I have only been practicing for a short time and I can see my posture has improved and my strength has improved.

  45. I’m completely new to Yoga.
    Thank you so much for January Breath.
    I’m am really looking forward to continuing my yoga journey.

  46. Hi Adrienne I am just about to complete the 30 day challenge, it has been such a gift of trust, joy, fun and pure love from the heart from you to all the world. I thank you may the wind be always at your back and fill your sails. Biggest hugs. Jenni x

  47. Hallo FWFG TEam ,

    Thank you for this wonderful idea!!

    ‚After having Followed BREATH‘ in January, I was already wondering, what to do next.. now I know:))

    Greatings From the Spreewald in Germany Near Berlin..


  48. Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Darling Adriene, this practice has meant so much to me...I love receiving your email each day and coming together on the mat whatever else is going on in the world I roll out that red carpet for me and breathe....Namaste xxx

  49. I have loved the 30 day Breath journey, it is a return to yoga after many years and a lung operation which left me with internal scarring, the comfort of which has really benefited from these sessions. Thank you Adriene! I'll be joining the 'Bridge' sessions for February.

  50. The Breath 30 days has helped me through one of the hardest months of my life.....Mom battling with cancer and passing away on the 15th. I committed to the 30day challenge with a friend, turned up to the mat every morning and it gave me time to connect with myself and my surroundings.
    So many benefits, this week we say goodbye to Mom and I know I will be continuing the practice throughout February to help to get me through this hard time.
    Love in.......love out ❣️

  51. My last day of the 30 day yoga challenge .. It was awesome. I hope I can keep up the daily practice . Thank you Adreein

  52. Its so very thoughtful of you. I oddly feel like im actually joining a community and its all thanks to your kind attitude and dedication to making yoga approachable. You are such a gift.
    תהיי בריאה וחזקה. תודה על כל מה שאת עושה. את כל כך מיוחדת, כמו מלאך.
    Thats hebrew for stay healthy and strong. Thank you for all that you do. You are so special, like an angel.

  53. I have thoroughly enjoyed the 30 day Breath journey and would like to continue with daily practice. I will try BRIDGE but I think I would want to spend 30-60 minutes per day rather than some of thesevery short sessions. I will be 69 next week and have been practising yoga on and off for 40 years. Adriene gives me exactly what I want in terms of structure and support by articulating beautifully what to do and lots of tips on how to do better. I

  54. Thank you I find your classes so helpful keeping me mobile motivated and especially to relax at this awful time.
    Bless you and the lovely Benny.

  55. Hi Adrien!

    Thank you so much for the Breath journey! I have enjoyed it so much!
    I did Home during December and I really feel so good with your guidance!

    My breath is my anchor
    My anchor is my breath

    Looking forward to following the February calendar!


  56. I would like to say thank you for the 30 Day Breath gift. Thank you!

    May I please mention that Adrienne often has the camera facing her left, but she occasionally demonstrates a movement with her right hand side before demonstrating the left hand side; which means the nuances of the posture are obscured and unclear until one sees the left.

    I do hope that is constructive and thank you again for the gift.


  57. Thanks a lot for all what you are doing. I have always been reluctant to yoga practice but now i am 100% into it and discovering and exploring new possibilities each day. Your 30days journey changed my life, thank you!

  58. Thank you for the gift of free Yoga Adriene!! I can’t wait for the next month, and the next, and the next...‍♀️

    I love you so much!


  59. Dear Adriene, thank you so much for this fantastic month of January. I feel growing strength in every way and it has been wonderful to show up every day with you. You are truly an angel to the planet.

  60. Thanks Adrienne, I’ve enjoyed getting back to yoga after many years with Breath in January and will definitely think about signing up for Bridge. You really do have an engaging and friendly style and have been greatly appreciated in our household during the dark days of lockdown.

  61. Thank you Adriene I'm new to yoga and your 30 day breath practice for a Male approaching 60 has been brilliant for me, although I can't do everything perfectly, I would recommend it to anyone, it has helped me through this difficult time and I plan to stick with you for Bridge during February thanks again.

  62. Thanks Adriene for having the free calendar again!
    I really enjoy those short yoga practices at home, specially now that is winter and it is difficult to practice outside.
    Kind regards from Barcelona

  63. I want to thank you so much. This has been an amazing journey. I am going through a break up, and this 30 days yoga really made me more present and less afraid to feel. Your voice is so kind and calming.
    I can’t wait to follow more!❤️
    Lots of love.

  64. Thank you, Adrienne. I have been enjoying daily yoga practice with you ( via YouTube) since the pandemic started and it has made a positive difference in my life!

  65. I have been following the 30 days yoga with you Adriene, (most days!) and it has been a joy. I am not new to yoga and its benefits, but to practice more regularly and build in some gentle coaching for strengthening has been perfect for me. But most importantly is your mantra to 'show up' and do something each day. Thank you so much for offering your unique gentle and positive style, and for offering it to us for free. So amazing. ANd thank you for the new February calendar, so that I don't have to think to much what to do tomorrow. Namaste. Sue

  66. I have enjoyed every single day of the 30 days, thank you it has been awesome. I would love to go for another month and are looking forward to it.

  67. Loved, loved, loved the 30 day January challenge! Perfect length sessions, perfect difficulty, do-able! I've loved/ done yoga for 15+ years but never every day... now I know I can!

  68. This january BREATH jouney has been my first one with Adriene. I can say it has been a curious coincidence: I started practicing yoga one year ago. I was in a period where I needed different esperiences to go more in depht...I remembered that some months ago one of my friends shared with me one Adriene's practice...I thought "how did she called?" ...I looked through and fund her. It was january 1st and Adriene was just inviting in BREATH journey. It has been exactly what I needed. She is super inspiring and gently takes you in your personal trip. I bought the t-shirt because I want to remember this awsome experience. Thank you!

  69. Really enjoyed the 30 day Breath yoga, looking forward to the Bridge.
    Adriene, you are so good. You even got a plug on BBC Radio 2 last week!! By another Yoga teacher

  70. Thank you for all that you do, you are a blessing to so many people all around the world. For so many you have been a life line during these difficult months. I send love and blessings to you from Looe in Cornwall UK.


  71. I made it to the mat every day with your help I am proud of myself for sticking to it. I have dabbled in yoga over the years but this is the first journey into daily commitment. I am glad I found you on youtube and I intend to stick with YWA. Thank you.

  72. Thank you Adriene! I'm so happy to receive the February calendar so I can continue my daily yoga journey with you! You have transformed my days & belief in my ability to improve despite pain in my wrists, if I put too much pressure on for too long. This Breath journey has educated me on how to keep the pressure off whilst maintaining the postures - it's been a revelation!! I've realised I'd been holding postures with half effort & now I hold with full effort! I'm one happy lady!! ‍♀️ xx

  73. I love your style! I began following all your challenges 8 months ago and cannot and will not stop. Thanks so much for introducing me to the world od yoga.

    Greetings from Argentina


  74. I enjoyed the month of January with you. I found a bit more range of motion and flexibility in my journey. You still move a bit to fast for me but I'm catching up.

  75. Hi Adriene thank you for all the work you put in for all of us. My wife and I love working with you each day and I’m on your wave length spiritually. It so good to join all of us on this planet as one. Thank you for your guidance and the calendar to keep us going. Love and kindness sent to you.

  76. Adriene I want to thank you because I re-start doing yoga with your 30 days breath... Thanks from Italy ! I love you! Paola

  77. Thank you so much. This is just what I needed to get my mind and body back in the game:)

  78. thank you for the January month of Breathe! 3 of my nieces and 1 of their boyfriends together we followed along with you on the 30 days .... it was great they included me and we were able to support one another along the journey with you... looking forward to the month of February...

  79. Thank you, I was an absolute newbie to yoga and after 5 days, stopped for a horrible death. Now I’m behind, but actually starting over and feeling renewed to open the doors.

  80. How appropriate for me. We have sold our home of 25 years and we haven't found anything else we like. Fortunately we can live on our boat for awhile, but I expect a lot of uncertainty as we look and explore options. Breath has been very steadying in January. Thank you, Adriene.

  81. I truly enjoyed the January Breathe series, that I plan to continue. I accidentally find the short classes very doable on a daily basis. I also take hour long classes with local teachers (virtually for now). Adriene packs a lot on instructions into a shorter time. I also like being able to practice when I can fit it into my day.

  82. Thank you I was thinking what to do next.
    I have anxiety problem and con not find any solution (altıugh I am a medical doctor, I hope these will help,

  83. Thank you for sharing amd giving of yourself , your awesome and grounded ! Gratefully yours

  84. Truly an incredible 30 days with you.... thank you so much Adriene. It’s been an honour to meet you every day for yoga, this January has been exciting, waking up wondering what we will practice today. I have throughly enjoyed “Breath” it’s a shame it’s the end, but I love your sentiment that with every end is a new beginning. You have given me the motivation to continue with a regular yoga practice. Namaste

  85. Thank yo so much for the 30 day breath yoga Adriene. I have found it calming, centering, and inspiring. I ha e been following your practice for a year now and it has so helped me through these most difficult times. X

  86. I just finished my 3rd 30 day yoga journey with Adriene and it gets better every year! Love and thanks to you, Adriene. You are an amazing and loving soul ❤

  87. Dear Adrienne, it’s been a month Thant thanks to you I have been everyday on the mat... i feel good, i love to practice with you, your lovely mood, enjoying every moment of life, happiness and humor ! Thank you so much for being so sharing and cheerful. Stephanie, French, practicing from Haiti and Dominican Republic

  88. I've been doing Yoga with Adriene off and on for a couple years now and love it, it helps me stay grounded and uplifted (opposites I know, but yeah). I love your chilll vibe and acceptance of what is. Thank you!

  89. I had dropped off my yoga but thank you so much for your encouraging words. At 69, my body is different but each day on the mat, I cherished all that I can do and listened to your words, your voice and my breath. See you on the mat! Namaste!

  90. I Look forward to every session and I encouraged my sister and friends to try the thirty day yoga challenge!

  91. Dear Adriene,
    It is hard to express the gratitude I feel to you and Benji , for helping me show on the mat each day and guide me through my first yoga journey. It was a very emotional experience and a fantastic lecture. I am a sports person, had been doing high level intensive fitness trainings years ago, switched to pilates with my first pregnancy and now in my 40s completely turned to swimming and apnea, just added your yoga as a cherry on the top
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul.
    You are amazing. Such a sweetheart.
    Sending you a big hug and please, give a nice scratch to Benji from me

  92. Breath Journey was amazing.
    I liked Dedicate and Trust... (and still like)... but with this one I'm in love 😉

  93. I really enjoy participating in your yoga classes, it’s nice being the student and fully immersing in the postures. I teach yoga at a senior center so my focus is on the students. Thanks Adriene

  94. I am looking forward to continuing my yoga journey with The Bridge theme. I have always followed the monthly calenders until I had issues with a outside knee injury. It took me a few months to find ways to still do yoga. Im back and happy to be here! Breath was another awesome 30 day journey for me and I have learned how to use things off the mat. I love YWA and the whole team that does amazing work together! Thank you for all you do! To Adriene and Benji, much love and big hugs always!

  95. Thank you so much Adrienne
    I have loved and been so grateful for every practice of the 30day Breath Challenge
    It has strengthened both my body and my mind
    Mindful but fun too you have a beautiful voice !
    Blessings and light to you and your team and Benji
    We our getting a new puppy and trying to choose a name, one of the suggestions my children/young adults came up with was Benji but I think there’s only the one!
    Go raith maith agat

  96. I gave yoga a try last January (2020) with your month long journey and it’s changed me. While I am still a somewhat overweight 50 something wife, mother, teacher, daughter etc, you, Adrienne, have helped me find the love, inner peace and confidence in myself that I have always strived for. My level of calm and peace and patience has multiplied! I went into this year’s 30 day journey of Breath with joy. It knocked me on my butt quite a few times but, honestly, always with a laugh. Yoga - on my terms- has become an integral part of my life and even though you don’t know me - you have become one of my angels! I hope you feel the gratitude sent your way - and tons of love!

  97. Thank you Adriene! This is my first 30 day yoga journey and I’m so glad I stuck with it! I found it to be so helpful and something I came to look forward to every day. Carving out the time wasn’t always “easy” but it felt good to devote that time to my practice and feel like I could then show up better for other or stronger in other areas of my life, more clear headed. I’ll definitely be starting the February calendar!

  98. Been selecting a new video each day for 7 months. Love your program. Daily yoga is where it's at

  99. ready to finish Day 30 Breath strong today....catching my breath (for real!) after shoveling some heavy wet snow. Look forward to the new month ahead. Been going strong since last January!! My reward is a new Breath tank top to go with last year's!!

  100. Breathe was my third 30 day challenge I embarked on with Adriene and Benji. But this is the first one I finished in 30 days. Life is slower right now. I feel the benefits. I have better posture, I notice I use the breathing techniques when stress or worry creeps in. Thanks, I will see you on the mat.

  101. The "Breath " Yoga Journey has helped me tremendously. I haven't been active in a long time. I always have tired to do something physical. I did last year's yoga journey but was in much better physical shape. it was very difficult to start and I really had to modify the positions. I have rotor cuff issues. As the month progressed I have improved a lot. Both in my physical and mental health. Thank you so much Adriene. You and Benji are amazing. Love to you.

  102. Thank you Adriene, I showed up to the mat every single day this month and I could not be more proud of myself. The journey for me has just begun both on the mat and out in the world. It’s a strange thing but I really do feel and observe differently. I am excited to continue with my self discovery with this months bridge. Life is wonderful!!!

  103. Many thanks to you and your team Adriene. Your commitment to this is inspirational. I have benefitted in so many ways and will continue my daily visits to my mat.
    With Gratitude,

  104. Thank you for the inspiration, the gentle encouragement and the great practices. I’m recovering from a frozen shoulder and had to stop yoga and lots of other exercise last year. I happened to be flicking thru site on 1.1 and decided to try the 30 day program - something clicked on day 1 n I just felt it was for me - and every day since it has been there, a little present for me and a whole gang of unknown yoga friends. Looking forward to February

  105. Thank you so much! I definitely need a calendar... too many options and I pick none. Ha ha ha. So thank you for putting this together for those of us who need some guidance and structure.

  106. I am looking forward to continuing my yoga journey with The Bridge theme.
    Yoga with Adriene is so uplifting and inspiring. I post her posts everyday to my hiking group "Ok Sense حال خوب" and they also appreciate it very much. It makes us feel connected and motivates us to keep going on the right track.
    It has been my pleasure to get to know Adriene and my luck to follow Yoga with her for more than 2 years.

    Much LOVE

  107. Thank you for your leadership, entertainment and love throughout my 30 day Breath journey. Please give Benji my best regards and a scratch behind the ears too.

  108. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Breath with you Adrienne. I am so looking forward to continuing. One question tho... how do I access the daily practices? I have the calendar but don’t know how to proceed.

    1. Hi Sue, you can either download the PDF of the calendar from this page and click on each day on the calendar to practice or you can bookmark the playlist for the month listed on this page and return to the playlist each day to practice.

  109. Having just completed Breath and being VERY proud of myself, I was considering another 30 day journey but I’ve never followed the monthly calendar before and I like that there is something to follow each day, so I’m joining every month from now on with others in the YWA community:)

  110. My hubby, daughter and I have been on the January 2021 Breathe journey with you and it’s been an amazing thing to do together, as individuals. We are also in another Covid lockdown here where we live so this experience has been a positive and empowering part of our daily life. Each day we’ve made it a lovely priority to make it to the mat, one day it was at 11:30 PM for me but I made it. I feel changed and awakened, we all do. It’s realistic to say it’s been saving us in these incredible times and has been helping us regulate our emotions and through our commitment to our physical and mental health. We’ve been fans of yours for years, thanks to my hubby first getting us to the mat with you but we’ve never stuck with it until now. Maybe the lockdown is helping us make ourselves a priority and appreciate that we can do these things and should do these things that slow us down to experience all parts of a journey like this. There is no rush and pull to be anywhere else or anything else ... so why not learn something new about ourselves in these times.

    I feel stronger. I’m feeling parts of my shoulders, back, arms and legs as I never have before. I am conscious of my mood before and after and of my breath, you’ve helped us learn to access this awareness. Sometimes the worry and stress of pandemic life creeps into 3am wakefulness and by using the breathing and calming techniques we’ve practiced with you this month has helped me sleep better than I have in months. I know it’s changing my life for good.

    It’s our daily ritual now and I don’t see days without it. You’ve made “yoga life” mean something to us and your teaching is so amazingly beautiful and authentic. You’ve helped us beyond measure are we so grateful. Thank you.

  111. Hi! Long time YWA community member here. I do hope you’ll take this opportunity to share, amplify, and give proper credit to the work of Latasha Morrison (former Austinite!) and her non-profit organization Be the Bridge. After reading the subject line of the February calendar letter, I was so excited at the prospect of you partnering with them in some way, especially since February is Black History month here in the States. But then I didn’t see any mention or acknowledgement given to Be the Bridge, even as systemic injustice was named in the letter. Please, please give them proper credit just as you’d want done if someone with a worldwide platform did the same with ‘Find What Feels Good’, and please consider amplifying their work in February. Thank you!

    1. Hi Karen, the idea of “be the bridge” was shared with Adriene while she attended a chat about white supremacy in wellness and that is precisely why she is using it here after the 30 Day Yoga Journey. It carries double meaning for continuing your practice and connecting it to doing the work. Thank you for sharing Latasha Morrison's "Be the Bridge" organization with us. We are excited to learn more about her non profit. You may also like to know that we have a full plate of plans for doing the work this month, black history month, and the months after that.

  112. Being new to Yoga which I have only just started in the past 7 / 8 months which has helped me with my mobility in so many ways and starting the 30 day BREATH YWA I found to be uplifting and beneficial to my physical and mental well being which I have really enjoyed. I will be continuing my yoga journey using the February calendar BRIDGE. I am new to the monthly calendar and am looking forward to and everyone.

  113. Like everywhere else, COVID restrictions stole the Recreation Centre Yoga classes. As the months wore on, I became increasingly softer. I couldn’t even find the energy for my usual long dog walks which has led to weight gain, further robbing energy and self esteem. A miracle! Just two weeks into your daily Yoga and I was back to finding energy for long daily dog walks again. Movement is so much easier and I’ve lost some of the weight gain. I can’t thank you enough for posting the sessions.

  114. I’m going to challenge myself for the month of February too. And I can’t wait to practice yoga daily with this bridge theme! Merci Adriene!

  115. Thank you so much for "Breath" (I showed up everyday, Yay me!). ❤️
    I am definitely continuing my yoga practice and "Bridge" will be my guide. I appreciate how you give to others. ‍♀️

  116. Thanks for giving all of us this opportunity to begin each day with positivity and focus and equanimity. Coffee and Adriene are what mornings are about.

  117. I found Yoga With Adriene last spring during the UK lockdown and despite never having tried yoga before, recovering from surgery, being overweight and in my 60s, I completed several '30 days...' on YouTube.
    To have been able to complete Breath in real time and knowing that thousands of people around the world were doing it on the same day was humbling yet inspiring.

    Thank you Adriene for making this so accessible to us all. You have changed my body, my health, my mind and my heart. I thank you from the bottom of it - Namaste!

  118. Thank you so much for the January program. I am a bit behind as I work very long hours and cannot log in every day. I will try and do February diligently and catch up with January at the same time. I love your practices and really appreciate this wonderful gift that you share with us. You are a life saver.

  119. Thank you so much, Adrienne-

    I broke my knee three years ago and it doesn’t quite work correctly now. I have been scared to get back to yoga and Pilates because I am afraid to fall. I figured it would be easier to fall in my bedroom than in a studio. I still have a long way to go, but I have seen positive changes in a month and look forward to what lies ahead. I used to have a cattle dog named Blue. Benji has very similar facial markings as Blue did - it makes my heart happy when he joins in.

    Your loving, kind, and compassionate demeanor is so welcoming. Thank you for giving so much of yourself for complete strangers. You make a difference!

  120. Namaste.
    I teach high school students and in our regular daily classes we have been following YWA since September. We've tried everything from the Foundations, Yoga for Students, and most recently BREATH. During these uncertain times, the students & I have benefitted tremendously - thank you! I wish I could send you all the positive comments they have shared with me about how Yoga has changed their lives & how it has helped them cope, feel better, and connect (with themselves & others). ❤
    Thank you, and as we continue on our own journeys, we will certainly follow you on yours.
    Rebecca (Newfoundland, Canada)

  121. Just want to thank the whole YWA team for this great experience. I used to think yoga was never enough for my body but after feeling burnout from life and my usual exercise routines I thought I would try something different. This was a great opportunity for me to understand I don’t have to kill myself in the gym and just BE sometimes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    PS I will continue to always have a blanket nearby during practice for both me and my three fur ones. Give Benji some scratches for me.

  122. I can't thank you enough for this beautiful practice. On December 1st I woke up and realized that at 52 I shouldn't feel so much pain when I moved and I walked like my 90 year old grandmother. That afternoon I went searching for some help and I stumbled on your youtube channel. Thank you. I started the very next day with your videos for bad knees, lower back pain and yoga for beginners. I made a pledge to practice every day for 30 days and then Breath came out. I'm now on day 60! I'm moving so much better and the pain in my lower back has disappeared. My knees are getting stronger and I've found a few modifications that feel good. I'm so grateful for your program and generosity to offer this opportunity. I'm looking forward to spending time with you and Benji throughout the rest of the year.
    With all my sincere gratitude

  123. This is awesome!! I'm so happy to continue with a daily practice with Adriene without having to figure out which video to do by myself. I enjoyed the January Breath practice so much - looking forward to Bridge! Thank you!!
    Jessica (BC Canada)

  124. I did every day of Breath and it was great, Thank you!
    PS. I'm pretty sure I haven't missed a day sine the pandemic began. FWFG has been a life saver.

    1. Hi Rachel, no need to sign up for the monthly yoga calendars. You can download the calendar above and use the PDF file of it to click on the video for each day or you can bookmark the playlist on the YouTube channel to return to each day. The playlist is linked above too. Thank you for joining us for another month! 🙂

  125. Thank you Adriene and lovely community for sharing the practise and energy. Loved the 30 day series Breathe. It was exactly what I needed. Looking forward to continuing this journey with Bridge. Thank you, Adriene! ❤❤❤ Love to all from Argentina. Namaste

  126. Just completed Breath 30-day series. Loved the daily email from Adriene before starting the practice. One question: For Bridge in February, there won't be daily email like Breath. The daily email is only for January's 30-day series. Correct? Thanks!

  127. I have loved this 30 day journey. I have done a bit of yoga in the past but found this practice to be much more enjoyable and I stick with it every single day. I appreciate the warmth and humor and also that the sessions are less than 30 minutes. That’s perfect for me. It was truly fun to come to the mat every day and wonder what was going to happen! Thank you so much!!

  128. Thank you Adriene, I have been doing your youtube videos since the pandemic and have done two of your month long series. It is lovely to hear from people around the world and the impact you have had on all of us. Keep us on the mat and paying attention to what matters.


  129. Hi Adriene! I just finished day 30 of your breath journey. I loved it so much. Thank you thank you thank you! The biggest thing I learned on this journey was that showing up doesn't mean that you need to dedicate a full hour. I get it stuck in my head that I'm not really doing yoga unless its a minimum length of time. I've learned that all it takes is to show up and put in the work. Who cares about the length of time?!?! Thanks again for everything. Looking forward to Bridge!

    XOXOXO to you and Benji!

  130. Thank you so much for the Breathe journey. It has been a very weird month and at one point I pulled a muscle playing tennis and substituted a YWA video from like 2015, that was all stretch. Thank you for your encouragement and compassion, Adriene. You are a bright light for this world! Holly

  131. I love Breath! I am half way through as I didn’t start till mid January. Will the bridge program still be available come mid February when I finish this journey or should I just pick a different yoga video each day? I also believe I read that Breath will be up for the whole year which would be great because I’m going to introduce it to my two nieces. Thanks for all you do.

  132. Thank you, Adriene, for the permission to start where I was. It had been a year, more or less since I’d done yoga with you with any regularity (I did last year’s 30-day Journey), basically due to the disruption of a changed daily routine with homeschooling, etc. But my husband and I pledged to do the Journey together this year and we did! I’m so glad. It was definitely a new beginning, starting where I was. And we’ve decided to keep doing it together from now on. Thank you!

  133. Loved the Jan Breath journey have made it through the 30 days , looking forward to Feb, thank you to Adriene and The Team at YWA, give hugs to Benji

  134. Thank you Adriene and Benji for the wonderful, inspiring videos. I have really enjoyed them and appreciate your beautiful spirit.

  135. I am so excited about this! I thought I would do Breath again in February, but I'll follow it up with the monthly calendars instead, and go back to specific sessions when I want more. Looking at this month's selection, I see that it will be perfect to deepen my practice and cater to specific needs. Thank you so much, Adriene and the whole FWFG team for those thoughtful and highly relevant series! <3

  136. Thank you for your monthlong gift, Adriene. I found yesterday's practice so touching. You incorporated the poses that we had been practicing during the month. Loved the quiet and the change I feel in my right shoulder. My strength and ease are coming back after so many months away from yoga practice last summer. I like to meditate in the morning and do the yoga at night, before going to bed. It really is a bridge to the calm restorative sleep time that awaits.
    Benji is the ultimate yogi dog. He is so calm and full of peace, although if deer passed right in front of him, his doggie instincts would probably take over or is his 'limbic' brain already reprogrammed?

  137. Adriene and team: Thank you for sharing the Playlist for this month! I just finished 30 days/ breath and am excited to continue the journey. See you all on the mat this month!

  138. I completed the Breath journey as part of my preparation for my YTT starting this Thursday. It was so great to work on technique and set intentions through the journey. Thank you, Adriene, for giving me even more confidence for my training coming up! You are one person I really look forward to hang out with every day. 🙂

  139. Coming off of "BREATH", it was amazing doing 'Peaceful warrior'. It was so clear the foundation that was set in Breath, and how it can be applied to other practices (from different time/place in life). I was worried I wouldn't feel the motivation without the daily drop emails and community feel from Breath .... but Peaceful Warrior made me believe. Thank you!

  140. Hi! I just want to say thank you for this wonderful free resource, it has really helped me to keep my mind and body healthy during a particularly difficult time, you’re really doing a good thing in the world. I was just wondering if I could request a certain type of video. My mum has ovarian cancer and had to have major surgery in August 2019 which has left her abdomen weak and becomes strained easily. My mum and dad started doing yoga with me and enjoyed it but soon my mum found the pain in her abdominal muscles to be too much with certain movements and poses that target that area. I was wondering if you could make a video that goes easy on the abdominal muscles but will still her feel as good as this practice makes me feel. I wasn’t sure where I should write this where it would be seen so I’m trying here Thank you!

  141. Hi there. When does the yoga for uncertainty get released for tomorrow?

    Looking forward to it 🙂

  142. Dear Adriene
    Thank you so much for motivating me to the mat everyday in January (well almost!) in such a respectful and loving manner. As a teacher, I'm taking an example from you as I'm preparing for my third semester of teaching online. At the end of Breath, I'm feeling a little tentative and nervous. How glad I was to receive your email about Bridge! With my yoga and Pilates classes in lockdown, thank you for generously keeping me moving and breathing.

  143. Thank you so much for always offering this for us Adriene! Such an important part of my healing journey

  144. thank you so much!! it is just what this body needed ,, Great hip opener , it truly was a yummy practice.

  145. Hi - I did January breath and now February Bridge. Looking forward to March. I do have an artificial right knee and cannot squat or do some other moves. Also have an extremely tight right hip, which is improving, so some of those moves are not good. Do you ever give alternative moves for those type of issues? Sitting cross-legged is very uncomfortable for my right hip. Also, will there be a March 2021 calendar to follow?
    Thank you!!

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