Gratitude Spring Rolls

Okay, Beaumont Blog and sneak peeks of my first on the road take-away episode are coming - but I got a little delayed. After a lovely yoga class I had an impromptu meeting with an owner of a yoga studio on my side of town that is the real deal. People like that inspire me to be myself and trust. I left the studio feeling as if magic was in the air and everything was as it should be. Then instead of a quick lunch I decided to make myself my favorite food, mindfully, in order to slow down and continue to enjoy the day.

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I made celebratory spring rolls as we made it to 1000 subscribers on you tube today at lunchtime.  YWA soft launched on Sept 1st and 6 months later is cooking with gas - as my mom would say! (maybe we should change "gas" to "prana?") We are happy and healthy and ready to kick into high gear. I ate my spring rolls with so much GRATITUDE in my heart today. (Also- I made a kick-ass soy-free peanut sauce that made my heart swell with utter love.)

There is a lot on my to do list. A lot of unknowns and, of course, there are always bills to pay. But today, I am grateful. For all that has come before and for all that has yet to come- and this (sweet) moment in between.

Thank you for being apart of my journey and I am so honored to be apart of yours.

Lez rock.



PS- if you want to make spring rolls and bliss out - here is a link to a video by my good friend Hilah from Hilah Cooking!

PPS- If you want the recipe for the kick-ass soy-free peanut sauce that I just made up out of thin air then let me know and I will recount my steps and write it out for you.

4 comments on “Gratitude Spring Rolls”

  1. Hey Adriene.
    I found your page from youtube and can see you have a lot of really good info and a ton of subscribers. Congratulations on making it past 37K! I am really impressed with the exercises you share and extra info like poems. I work with a healthy liquid vitamin supplement company and I am looking to find some sharp people who would be interested in making some extra money. I would like to talk to you more and see if our product is something that you could get behind via your blog and youtube channel. You would be compensated and we can talk more about that too.


  2. Wow, Adrienne! I have been subscribed to you on YouTube for many years but this is my first time exploring your blog. You were excited to have 1000 subscribers! Now you have nearly 8 million. Amazing.

    Thanks for all you do!! <3

    1. Ditto to Brooke's comment...1st time sweet to read your obviously heartfelt words of gratitude for 1000 subscribers. And to know of the explosion since. But your warmth, generosity and gratitude still shine through. Blessings!

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