June 2020 Yoga Calendar - COURAGE

Yoga With Adriene Free monthly Yoga calendar!

If this is your first time joining us for a community theme, welcome!

Each month, we come together as a community around a theme that inspires questions and guides intention for a regular and sustainable at home yoga practice. The practices selected support your exploration of the theme, whether you are taking on the whole month or dropping in for a single whenever you like. 

The practices on the calendar are free and are all available on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel. When we include membership practices on the calendar, they are noted as FWFG practices and we also include alternate free YouTube practices on those days for those who are not members. 

JUNE: This month’s free offering is an invitation to connect to and cultivate COURAGE. 

Yoga offers us countless opportunities to practice courage. And courage can come in many forms. These uncertain times certainly call for us to be courageous. I hope you will consider joining us for this special month of practice. 

It will be a fiery month, you will move, and you will sweat. 

With this theme comes the support and the courage to make lasting positive change. It is also an opportunity to consider what it means to work WITH your body, as you challenge yourself to meet an appropriate edge each day. Drop in throughout the month or take on the whole month. 

Dear friends, please feel free to substitute in a more gentle practice when your body tells you that it needs a break. Prioritize listening to your body. It takes courage to listen. And bravery to respond lovingly and honestly. Show up each day, anchor in your breath, trust you are right where you are supposed to be. 

Yoga means union. What does it look like when we apply the principles of yoga to toning our bodies, working them out, and witnessing physical transformation? Can we still connect to that sukha, or ease, while breaking a sweat? Can we work with our bodies from a place of love to strengthen them so that we can still carry our own groceries when we’re eighty, and carry our neighbor’s too?

Transformation is not about becoming something you are not. It is about coming back to your true self. That is the beauty of Yoga and integrating the principles of yoga into your work out. This month invites us to have the courage to work with our bodies as we work them out - and to do it with awareness and self love. 


There are also five FWFG practices on every Tuesday. These practices are on the Find What Feels Good membership. These practices as marked as “FWFG”. You can preview them at www.FWFG.com or on the FWFG app. Sign up for the free 7-day trial if you want to take a closer look and take the membership out on a trial run. As always, there are also free alternative practices from the YouTube channel on those days too. Something for everyone. 

Share your experiences with the Kula and the community with #ywaCOURAGE.

Be sure to subscribe to the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel, if you haven’t already! This is the #1 way to support the YWA free calendar and the new free YouTube videos.

Connect with @adrienelouise and @fwfglife on IG.

Invite someone to join you! Drop in throughout the month or join us for the whole month.

Here’s what else you need to know:

84 comments on “June 2020 Yoga Calendar - COURAGE”

  1. Hey Adriene,
    I am so glad that I discovered you and started doing yoga with you. You are so amazing, funny and very beautiful. You always make me smile. Your yoga sessions are great, excellent explained and often your voice guide me. Love you Adriene, and keep doing this amazing things.

  2. Thank you.
    Thank you for all your work, thank you for your smile, thank you for your energy and the inspiration you are!
    I discovered the Chanel in 2015 and have benefited a lot from your yoga videos.
    I have joined FWFG when I could and I am glad of all the free content that is avaible

  3. Thank you so much. I’ve done yoga with you now for six months daily. I’m 53 and feel better than I ever have. My body looks like it did when I was in my twenties. My arms and legs are strong and I find I no longer react to the little stressors in life. It’s also helped so much with the lockdown. I love the way Adriene has my back- it’s like meeting a loving friend every day. I also find I cry sometimes during practice out of nowhere but feel so much better for it. Can’t imagine ever stopping now. Thank you for the June calendar. Can’t wait. X

    1. Adriene jusr finished 62 days of you so this month Im tackling the June Calander just did Day 1 ..wow it was hard pleased I got through it with some modifications.You Rock

      1. Hi Jane,
        I feel like we are kindred spirits. I am 53 too and have been doing yoga with Adriene for about 6 months. I started seriously doing yoga with the Home 30 day journey. When it ended it felt like my best friend had moved to across country. I cried on day 30, because I finally got it. Yoga wasn’t about follow the leader it was about finding what feels good. She says that all the time and it didn’t sink in until that day. If I’m going to be honest though so think I was also going to be missing Adriene.... and Benji

  4. Hi Adrienne,thank you so much for your weekly letter. I always look forward to receiving and reading it. Always interesting and inspiring. Thank you also for all you do for the yoga community- thank you for the free YouTube videos-thank you for the monthly calendars- June looks fabulous. Sending warmest wishes and hugs,Clare x

  5. I’ve never followed the calendar before, I usually see how I feel and choose an appropriate practice day to day, but I’m going to take the plunge, and BE courageous, do the calendar. I’m so excited to commit this, I love my daily practice and this month, I’m in your hands

    1. Awesome! I loved the Home series from this January (following it chronologically) if you end up liking doing this one in order! Good luck!!

  6. Thank you so much for this! I have been using Yoga with Adrienne while we’ve been on lockdown and I honestly think it is the one thing that has helped me stay sane! It means so much to me. This is my first newsletter so the calendar and playlist are amazing! Thank you so so much- you really have made a difference in this difficult time.

  7. May has been so warm and cosy but I'm more than ready for fiery June now! Thank you for the whole Adriene community . I love these monthly playlists

  8. I agree with Clare, I am Thankful for all you and your staff do to bring yoga to the world. You got me on the mat and kept me there. And at 64 years old that says a lot!!! I have enjoyed the membership and the KULA Family as well. Both have encouraged me to have a beautiful "at Home" Daily Yoga Practice. Love, Love, Love it!!! Looking forward to getting my butt kicked in June. Namaste.

  9. Thank you Adrienne for the new monthly calendar, for the letter and also for your continuous presence on the web. I started practicing yoga in the month of march, and I have practiced every single day with you, sometimed even twice a day. I cannot even tell you how proud I am of doing this, it makes me feel like I finally gave jmportance to myself. Once I started practicing, I also decider to quit smoking, and I actually did, with no relapse yet, I am beyong greatful that i could find the willpower to do it, and I must admit, so much of my progress is owed to you and to the way you speak to us in your videos. No joke, I have a voice in the back of my mind telling me to breathe love in and to breathe love out now, it is truly amazing. I guess I always just needed to have a friend like you. Thank you again!
    Hope all of my new found excitment for life will come back to you tenfolds. Sending lots of blessings and love your way

  10. Thank you Adrienne for the new monthly calendar, for the letter and also for your continuous presence on the web. I started practicing yoga in the month of march, and I have practiced every single day with you, sometimes even twice a day. I cannot even tell you how proud I am of doing this, it makes me feel like I finally gave importance to myself. Once I started practicing, I also decided to quit smoking, and I actually did, with no relapse yet, I am beyond greatful that i could find the willpower to do it, and I must admit, so much of my progress is owed to you and to the way you speak to us in your videos. No joke, I have a voice in the back of my mind telling me to breathe love in and to breathe love out now, it is truly amazing. I guess I always just needed to have a friend like you. Thank you again!
    Hope all of my new found excitment for life will come back to you tenfolds. Sending lots of blessings and love your way

  11. Morning Adriene
    June's practice couldn't come at a better time..... it's as if you read my mind I've decided to start my road to sobriety and am 7 days into it, so courage is definitely called for. Hoping the next week will fly by so we can all start this exciting yoga calendar. Thanks for all the work you and your team put in to creating this amazing website. Loads of humongous hugs. Shelle

  12. Thank you for all that you do. You have helped change me from the inside out these past three and a half years...one day at a time. Big hugs and blessing to you, Adriene. (Marie-Françoise from Montreal Canada )

  13. Hello Adrienne,
    I tore my rotator cuff more than four months ago and opted to let the beautiful machine that is the human body do it’s magic and heal itself. It has been a rough road at times, but I am getting closer to full range of motion again.
    Yoga has been off the menu this whole time and now I feel ready to ease back into it starting June.
    Unfortunately, the June series, COURAGE, seems not so good a match for a weakened body To start back with.
    Can you suggest a series that would be a better match for me. Thanks and take care even when none is given.

  14. Your leading me on my yoga journey since January has become a steady goodness in my life especially during this time of chaos and uncertainty. I thank you for your generous spirit and guidance.

  15. Thank you again Adriene. Looking forward to my 4th June playlist with you... yoga... every day❤️ Come to think of it... you are the only person, besides my husband, that I see every day and I’ve been working on him. He has begun to join us, on occasion, more and more often. Have a great June!
    Lucy (PA)

  16. I love this!! I have not stuck to a consistent yoga routine. So I am going to print this June calendar and hold myself accountable. I'm looking forward to it as a way to take care of myself.
    Your videos are great. I am challenged physically and mentally and enjoy a laugh. Love Benji chilling out!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, just wondering if you realise there say 7 (yoga for courage) appears to be missing from the playlist? 🙂

  17. ARGH! I missed the Adriene live practice this past Friday. Will you be doing another? I have turned on so many people to this wonderful way to start or end or sooth your day. It makes it extra fun for us to be able to text each other and ask how it went with the days practice. Thank you for creating connection in this currently DISconnected world!

  18. Adriene I absolutely love my ywaHOME serious and I run a community of female athletes across the world, and they too are joining in and following you. We will all be there for the June. Also cant wait to get my goodies I purchased from your store. They are on their way. Looking forward to wearing them. 🙂

  19. Whooohooo looking forward to this fiery and courageous month of practices!! Thank you as always for guiding us Adriene!

  20. Its like you we're reading my mind! My goal was to push myself for the month of June, find some kind of 30 day challenge and I was hoping you'd announce something. Perfect timing love I cannot wait to get started. Thank you, namaste

  21. This is so great thank you. I joined Yoir app but when I try to log in i get the message email address not recognized. I’ve sent emails but no response. Who should I reach out to? Amy

  22. Hi
    Thanks for including the playlist. I like having a plan to follow. I have been practicing with your video series for a while now. I started to help with balance and strength. I started scuba diving and I have found the breathing techniques work well.
    I would request a yoga sequence for scuba diving. It requires a lot of back strength and breath control.
    Just wondering.
    Thanks again

  23. I just finished the 30 day home practice and am coming back to yoga after 10 years. I have never had a daily practice and I’m so grateful to have found you, especially during this crazy time. I found myself doing the daily practice and then another, and then a meditation as the 30 days went on. There is so much more exploring stuck at home than I thought was ever possible. Thank you so much for the many lessons you’ve helped me uncover already and for restoring a feeling of appreciation for this moment.

  24. This is gonna be a good one. Hardly can wait to start.
    Thank you for everything

  25. Gratitude. Always. You give the world a tremendous amount of energy and love and compassion, Adriene, and the world is a better place because of that. Thank you for turning the world towards light, one wee little at home practice at a time.

  26. Thank you Adriene, I just joined this month, but have been practicing with the YouTube videos. I'm going to start going along with the calendar beginning in June.
    I appreciate your friendly and heartfelt presence, you truly feel like a friend!



  27. I am a yoga instructor & I love following you on YouTube. Several of my clients follow you also. You are so inspiring, encouraging & funny!! My husband & I attended your yoga weekend @ 1440 university!
    Thank you for all you do.
    You help make the yoga community a welcoming place.


    1. I'm looking forward to this! Love everything you out out, thank you so much for supporting my yoga journey! But looks like there's only 29 videos in the playlist on Youtube.

  28. June’s playlist is just what I need! I have been working through the empower series for the first time. This past year has been a reconnection to my body. I have been eating mindfully and doing Yoga with Adrienne nearly daily. I’ve lost almost 40 pounds, eliminated medication and now feel ready to move to a new phase. Thank you and the YWA community!

  29. Thank you Adriene and Benji. Your synchronicity is on point. In April I did the HOME 30-day yoga journey b/c of the pandemic. It helped me come to terms of being HOME. Close to the end of it, I whispered, I want to cultivate a daily meditation practice. Then the MAY calendar unveiled my ask and I learned to give and receive the gift to myself every day. Now, I am feeling like I want to get a little more challenge from my practice and I read about what’s in store in JUNE. I’m grateful for being in tune in April, May and June. To synchronicity and the ocean within ourselves. Deep gratitude, Joyce

  30. Adriene I am grateful for you and the work that you do. I started with the 30 day yoga journey home in January - and haven't stopped! It now seems wrong to not start my day with your caring, creative and simply wonderful yoga videos. Thank you for a new dimension to my life.

  31. So beautiful and genuine ! so light and uplifting ! What a pleasure to read you ! Thank you !

  32. As a grocery clerk, what is now considered an “essential worker”, I appreciate your theme of courage. It is now my mantra for life. Love you on YouTube! You are an inspiration. Thank you

  33. Thank you so much for these weekly love letters. I have found that each one comes at the PERFECT time, every time. You are an amazing person and I’m so grateful that I came across you and your practice. Namaste.

  34. Hi hi!

    Oh my gosh, this is my first time following a monthly theme/joining a daily community, and I am PSYCHED! My name is Rachel, I'm a yogi and an actor and a bunch of other things, too. I have loved getting to know you, Adriene! and Benji, of course. I did 30 days of yoga HOME and it was invaluable to my sanity during this difficult time. I am so ready for a heated month of June for COURAGE. So excited to be a part of a community practicing together right now!

  35. Thank you Adriene for all you do. When I think of you I smile. Your monthly calanders are fab and inspiring. I love your emails too. Love to you and your family.

  36. I tend to practice about 4-5 times a week. Is the month structured so it would be better to do each day in turn and not complete the month or can I just go to the practice of that date?

    1. Hi! For the monthly yoga calendars, it is fine to drop in on the date when you practice. The monthly yoga calendars are curated around a theme with practices from the YWA library so it is okay to drop in and out. They are different than the 30 days of yoga series that Adriene releases in January, like HOME, where the entire series is created, designed, and filmed together as a complete series that builds on the previous days.

  37. Beautiful! I am really looking forward to it! I am treating myself to a month of yoga challenge x

  38. Hey Adrienne,

    I just completed my 1st month of yoga practice with 'Home.' So firstly, thank you. It's no exaggeration to say finding yoga with Adrienne has been a lifeline and a blessing in difficult times. I have started a corporeal weekly class too, but found myself coming back again and again to YWA ( I think I just miss Benjy too much).

    I'm looking forward to extending my practice and finding my courage (and balance) next month as we prepare to ease out of lockdown here in the UK.

    Keep on keeping on.


  39. I feel truly blessed to have found YWA...your practices feed my soul! Thank you!

  40. Thank you for always pouring your love into your work and sharing with us. I look forward to your weekly letters. I purposely save it for Monday morning. I get my cup of coffee and once I have a handle on my work, I take a delightful coffee break and pour over your love letter. It is my Monday morning treat; it rejuvenates my soul and sets the tone for the week. Your work does matter. It is always spot on and calls me back when I wander away. I appreciate you. You are a wonderful part of my journey. Thank you. Namaste

  41. Thank you so much!! I am just about to complete the 30 Days of Home and I am very excited to continue with more!!

  42. Dear Adrienne
    I found you on amazon prime originally and have been dipping in and out of .your sessions when energy has permitted for the last couple of years. However, since lockdown I have been following the dedicate journey several times a week and I absolutely love it. It makes my morning! I have signed up today and look forward to receiving your weekly letter. I will also do the June journey with you.

    I just want you to know that what you are doing is truly amazing, you have a lovely bubbly character, you are easy to follow and I love how you clearly love doing what you do. Not to mention the lovely Benji

    Stay happy, healthy and being you.

    Lots of love in, lots of love out
    Louise xxx

  43. Before looking for a video to practice I was thinking "how am I feeling?" "what do I need today?" And one word came to my mind. Guess what it was?! COURAGE. I was so surprised to see it as a title for the month of June. It made me really happy 🙂

  44. Thank you so much Adriene for your yoga sessions. It has immensely helped during the lockdown and helped me stay sane and be thankful for everything I have. Currently doing the yoga camp which help with the daily affirmations. Looking forward to going through the June calendar with you. Namaste!

  45. The June calendar doesn't have links to the videos from June 20th onwards. Would it be possible to have those added? Thank you for everything you do.

  46. Thanks for being awesome!! Love your videos and I've really enjoyed following the calendars and doing videos that I wouldn't maybe have chosen.

  47. I just finished the 30 Days challenge from 2015. It's just in time to start your June calendar. I can't wait!

  48. Hi Adriene and team

    I've been meditating for about two years now and when I started your 30 day challenge in Aptil ( another devotee from lockdown ) I was amazed at how closely yoga is aligned as a mindfulness practice. Everything just clicked. At 52 I have pretty much hated my body for most of my life. Youve helped me see it in a different light. I'm loving the strength I now feel in my back and arms. That 30 Day Home series really did feel like a homecoming. Thank you so much for your generosity . 🙂

  49. In Australia, 1st June is in 7hrs. Tomorrow is my first day back teaching (10weeks off), I’m thrilled and grateful and am very much looking forward to YWA COURAGE June 2020, I’ll be with y’all every day. Thanks so much Adrienne, you are a gem. ‍♀️

  50. Hi Adrienne and FWFG community. Just sharing my feeling of gratitude for this community and the practice of yoga and how it has been so uplifting to so many in this difficult period. I really am emerging into a better version of myself. I began this Corona time much more anxious than I am now, and I attribute this so yoga and meditation. I pray for our country and my fellow humans. My mantra; let love happen.

  51. I am 66 - once a skinny bean pole - 7 children and Hashimoto's - ahhh. Not where I want to be. I started yoga in my home community rec center after returning from serving a mission for my church with my husband. Then came the pandemic! I did not want to lose the little I had gained and I found your videos. I do yoga with you now 5-6 times a week - I rest on Sunday! Its great. I am beginning to have arm and core strength and that makes me happy! I will never be the bean pole that I so loved. My abdominal "fat" will probably never go away. But I can love who I am and where i am. I love the yoga tea ( I substitute an herbal tea for the black tea as I don't use caffeine) it is great either soothing warm and refreshing with ice. Thanks for providing this wonderful opportunity. We can always find the good out of the bad - I found your yoga practice during a pandemic! Thanks again!

  52. Hey Adriene, thank you so much! I've been through a little journey with you since lockdown & my 51 year old body feels so much stronger for it. I've a long way to go before a yogi bumtastic figure but you've taught me that actually, that doesn't matter and I'm kinda starting to believe that! I started with 'Home' on a friend's recommendation & have just finished 'Dedicate'. I learnt a LOT with Dedicate. I'm going to follow June's calendar with the rest of the community with courage!
    Lots of love to you & Benji!
    I'm in Newcastle in the UK xxx

  53. Starting off June, 2020 with Day 1 of your Courage Calendar and loving the energy and attitude of your practice. Thanks so much for sharing!

  54. Hey Hey, Yo Adreienne, haha. Just did abs, arms and attitude and boy am I on a journey to get into shape!! Shoulder burn!! aaagh. I said "really Adrienne". Been doing yoga since 2018 and feel like I should be further along than I am. So grateful I found you! This Dec I will be 50 and have 50# to release by then! Loved the yogi tea!
    I know my sticking point is diet, junk in, junk out. Am I right. little history: a nurse for 12 years, cancer thriver 10.5 yr, hysterectomy in 2010 and breast cancer(estrogen fueled) 2013 and seem to be stuck in a loop of hormone chaos.
    I will stay steadfast as I know consistency is the key=former bodybuilder 3rd place novice div, Arkansas Naturally, 2014. I am making a promise to myself, I am worthy of finally feeling well, Keep it up, Be Well, Namaste.

  55. Thank you so much for getting me started on this amazing gentle journey into yoga! I’ve practiced on and off for years but never with such powerful yet gentle guidance. A little over two months of daily practice have helped my body and mind get back into shape. I appreciate you and all your generosity.

  56. I found you because of the pandemic and I will only do Yoga with Adriene at home. I already feel my strength improving. Love the Home 30 day challenge and I am doing the June Courage calendar. I'll be starting another one of your 30 day challenges. Thank you for all of the teaching you do!

  57. Silver lining of the pandemic, I found you! I am now loving yoga everyday! After about one month of this my shoulders are very sore. I wonder if you have any videos that have all standing practice to give my shoulders a break! Thank you for all you do!

  58. Hey Adriene, I just discovered you recently and to my surprise I have not found any yoga teacher, guides or books so comfortable than you. You are amazing! I feel so mindful and aware while practicing yoga with you. I am from Nepal and here Yoga ra taught in a different way culturally and I could not connect with it even if I wanted. I hope to learn more and grow alongside you.

  59. Hello Adriene , I have been following your yoga challenge for forty days now. I am into the yoga camp day eight. I am 70 years old and a bladder cancer survivor. I can not believe how good i feel since starting these practices. You are a great motivator. I look forward to this everyday. The only for being so pleasant and fun to follow . I can bend and move so much better in just a matter of six weeks . So namaste.

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