Yoga for Uncertainty

This is the perfect practice to ground with when you are struggling, or feeling off-center. You may also enjoy this class as preventative care to maintain mental, emotional, and physical balance. Utilizing the tools of yoga through regular practice can serve well beyond a good stretch, particularly in times of uncertainty.

This full-length grounding session provides us with the tools to better acknowledge our feelings, regulate the nervous system, reconnect to our core, and learn when to let go.  

By taking the time to show up for yourself you are most certainly influencing the way you show up for others. Thank you for joining me! 

Let me know how this practice goes for you in the comments below!

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8 comments on “Yoga for Uncertainty”

  1. Great Practice with Uncertainty, when I realized that it was longer than usual, I was a bit concerned; however, I went ahead and did it and benefited from it.

    I completed the 30 Day Breath series in January, I had to double up five times to get it done in January. I am currently following the February Bridge series, I look forward to the daily practices.

    Doing yoga daily (almost) has been very helpful, I already notice differences in muscle tone and flexibility. My dance instructor says that it is also improving my dancing.

    1. I adore this lady and the gift she has and is so generous giving.
      Does anyone know where do you sign up to get the link in your mailbox for the other 30 days series? I did get the Breath series and it made such a difference. First time I am doing yoga at the age of 69!
      It is for some reason more of a direct motivator when I get the daily reminder in mailbox!

  2. Thank you! My whole body feels alive and the stretching feels so good. This is my first time doing yoga in a long time, plan to keep coming back! My body needs to stretch!

  3. This is my favorite practice to date. I've done 4 30-day series, and other Adriene practices, over the last year (had to take a few months off mid-way for unrelated shoulder issue). When I reviewed this video I thought the bunny posture would be impossible, but I could actually do it (for the most part), and it strengthened some new spots, felt great. And I am beginning to be able to do side plank with the kick-stand leg. May not seem like much, but for a novice going on 64 years of age, I am very happy with all Yoga with Adriene provides. Thank you Adriene! (and Benji). I would be interested to know if there are other 'mature' yogis out there.

    1. Hi,
      I turned 76 this year. Haven’t done lot yoga except to n body balance classes. Now do mostly Pilates but my son introduced me to yoga with Adrienne and decided to do the breath course. Persevered, found it challenging for my years. Adrienne you are so encouraging. Love you. Am uk resident.

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